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Group   Description
Altlastenmanagement 2010 i Neuausrichtung der Beurteilung und Sanierung von kontaminierten Standorten - Altlastenmanagement 2010
Berichtswesen - EU Wasserrahmenrichtlinie i Berichte, Tabellen, Karten und Hintergrunddaten für den Bericht zur Wasserrahmenrichtlinie 2004 (Zuständige Behörden) und dem Bericht zur Ist-Bestandsanalyse 2005
BRIDGE i BRIDGE - Background CRiteria for the IDentification of Groundwater ThrEsholds SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME
EIOAPP User Group i This interest group provides a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences with current NFP user of EIONET/CIRCLE
EUDIN i Documentation service for the project EUDIN - European Data Interchange for Waste Notification-System - of organisations of four EU-member states - Belgium (OVAM), Netherlands (VROM), Germany (UBA, MUNLV and LUA NRW) and Austria (BMLFUW, UBA) to elaborate a standardised interface for the exchange of data between European member states for electronic transposition of the requirements of the European Waste Shipment Regulation 259/93 EC.
IG Wasser i diverse ablagen
NFP-AT i This Interest Group is dedicated for communication from the Austrian National Focal Point towards EEA and other NFPs and ETCs.
NFP-LI i This interest group serves for communication between the Liechtenstein NFP of EEA and the EEA and other EIONET members (NFP, ETCs), especially the Austrian NFP who is hosting the Liechtenstein NFP-EIONET Server. A main function is thedocumentation of inputs from Liechtenstein into the EEA/EIONET work.
POPsImpact i